Help underfunded teachers get school supplies by drinking wine

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A Red, White and Rosé wine that teachers will love.

  • Winery Started by Teachers
  • QR Code shows which teacher you purchase is supporting
  •  Loaded with fun teacher references making it the perfect teacher gift!

Try a variety pack…

This 3 bottle collection includes one of each of our wines. Teacher’s Pet (Red), Early Dismissal (White), and Summer Vacation (Rosé).


Here's How it works:

Place an order on the Tipsy Teacher shop page 

A portion of the proceeds will go to an Underfunded teacher.

Receive the wine shipped directly to your front door

Fast and secure shipping directly to your home or closest UPS pick up point.

Enjoy premium wine while funding Classrooms

Receive email updates on the classroom that your order funded.


We also do fundraisers for schools and programs

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      Meet the Tipsy Teacher Team

      Chief Editor/Middle School Teacher

      Chief Giving Officer/
      Elementary School Teacher

      Chief Executive Officer
      US Marine Veteran

      Chief Technology Officer

      The Only Wine that Fuels and Funds Teachers

      At Tipsy Teacher, we know you are the kind of person who wants to enjoy wine while making a difference in the world. In order to make that happen, you need a wine that can deliver both quality and support a worthy cause. The problem is that most wineries offer no assistance for social causes, which makes you feel like your money isn’t making an impact when you shop for wine.

      We add a new definition to the term “Drink Responsibly.” We believe that where you spend your money matters. We understand that you have to make a socially responsible choice every time you shop. That’s why we donate a portion of the proceeds of every order directly to underfunded local classrooms. Here’s how it works: Place an order on our shop page at TipsyTeacher.com. The wine is shipped directly to your home. Drink delicious wine and know you have made the responsible decision. We’ll send you updates on the classroom your wine purchases have supported.

      You can stop searching for a meaningful wine and start making a difference in our classrooms by drinking Tipsy Teacher wine!

      Also Makes a Great Gift From Cool Parents

      The Tipsy Teacher Promise

      A portion of the proceeds from your wine order will help fund school supplies for teachers

      Teachers love our wine

      Tipsy Teacher Wine makes a great gift for your favorite teacher, educator, coach or mentor!

      The only wine dedicated to teachers

      The bottle is covered in funny teacher references on the front, back and all the way to the cork!

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